Vegeta's cousin
Bejīta no itoko
Debut Page 893
Race Saiyan (Ghost Warrior)
  • Unnamed parents
  • King Vegeta (uncle)
  • Vegeta (cousin)
  • Dr. Raichi (master)
  • Vegeta's cousin was a Saiyan from Universe 3, now acting as a Ghost Warrior for Dr. Raichi. She makes an appearance in "Enemies forever".


    Vegeta's cousin looks somewhat similar to Vegeta. She was a woman with a slender build and messy black hair. Before she became a Ghost Warrior, she wore typical Saiyan armor. Now, as a Ghost Warrior, she wears the same clothing as the other warriors.


    Unlike most Saiyans, Vegeta's cousin seems to have a kindhearted nature and a soft spot for her cousin, Vegeta. As seen in Vegeta's flashback, they had a good relationship. This relationship likely became poor as Vegeta ruthlessly slaughtered her.


    Second Round Summoning

    She is summoned as a ghost by Dr. Raichi during his battle with Prince Vegeta. Despite the memories of the times she and Vegeta had together, he mercilessly killed her, along with the other Saiyan ghosts.


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