Alternate names Prince Vegeta (formerly)
Warrior Vegeta
Debut Chapter 42 (Page 945)
Race Saiyan (Ghost Warrior)
Date of birth Age 732
Date of death Before Age 780
Height 5'5"
Weight 128 lbs.
  • King Vegeta (father)
  • Unnamed cousin
  • Dr. Raichi (master)
  • "Let's finish in style, with the REAL Vegeta..."
    — Vegeta, in "Corruption of the absolute evil"

    Vegeta of Universe 3 was the son of Ex-King Vegeta and former prince of the Saiyan race. He was killed along with the rest of the Saiyans except for Baddack, in the universe where he became the new Saiyan King. Dr. Raichi later made Vegeta, along with the rest of the Saiyan race, into Ghost Warriors.


    Vegeta of Universe 3 looks identical to all of his counterparts, but he wears the same attire the other Saiyan warriors wear, but with a cape.


    While much isn't known about Vegeta of Universe 3, he appears to be very confident when he confronted his counterpart during the multiverse tournament.

    Interestingly, he sees himself as the "real" Vegeta, suggesting that he sees his alter-egos as inferior to himself.


    Much is not known about Vegeta's past, other than the fact he lost his status as "prince" when his father was dethroned by Baddack.

    New King

    In Age 737, Vegeta was on Planet Freeza 68 for training with his mentor, Nappa. Due to Freeza's fondness for Prince Vegeta, he keeps him on his planet while Freeza himself takes a secret trip to Planet Vegeta for nefarious reasons.

    Due to this, Prince Vegeta misses out seeing his father being dethroned by Baddack and seeing the assassination of Freeza himself.

    Distant Future

    At some point in time, Vegeta will achieve the Super Saiyan transformation and be later killed by Dr. Raichi during his invasion on Planet Vegeta.

    Multiverse Tournament

    Second Round

    A disheveled Dr. Raichi summons Vegeta as a last resort to kill Vegeta of Universe 13, who was ultimately weakened due to being injured and utilizing the SSJ3 form. Wanting to finish in style while calling himself the "Real" Vegeta, Ghost Vegeta instantly becomes a Super Saiyan before utterly vaporizing his counterpart straight to oblivion. This action causes a relived Dr. Raichi to become the victor, and subsequently sends away Vegeta back inside of his Hatchiyack machine.


    While the full strength of Vegeta is still unknown, he is presumed to be very powerful since he is one of the three known Super Saiyans in his universe. At the very least, he was easily able to kill his weakened counterpart from universe 13 rather casually.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki. Has yet to be seen utilized by Vegeta himself.

    Ki Blast: A concentrated blast of energy that can be fired at various intervals. Vegeta used a full-power energy wave version to kill his counterpart in the second round.

    Galick Gun: A powerful purple energy wave that can deal massive damage. Has yet to be seen utilized by Vegeta, or if he even possess this technique at all.


    Super Saiyan

    The legendary saiyan transformation that increases one's capabilities several-folds.


    • It is hinted that Vegeta was highly respected at Planet Vegeta, as Hanasia remarks to Universe 10's Vegeta, "I've seen you younger, cuter and a lot stronger!" Given Hanasia's status as an elite, this speaks volumes about Vegeta's reputation.


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