Vegeta from Universe 7. His life was originally the same just like his canon counterpart, but it drastically changes when he ventures off to Planet Namek.


Vegeta looks exactly like his canon counterpart when he arrived on Planet Namek for the first time.

When under the "care" of Gast Carcolh, Vegeta attains two hip protrusions on his armor, but otherwise looks the same.


Vegeta has the exact same personality just like his counterparts in Age 762.

This Vegeta has seemingly replaced his obsession with Gokū with an obsession with Gast, which proved strong enough to cause him to transform into a Super Saiyan far earlier than in Universe 18. Unlike other universes, the power does not go to his head, and he immediately realizes it is not nearly enough to defeat Gast.


Captured on Planet Namek

This Vegeta had the bad luck of travelling to Namek for nothing. When he arrived, he detected one single huge power-level that he thought was Freeza's. He then teamed up with Kiwi and hid to listen and to discover that Freeza and his men were wiped out by Gast Carcolh. After the Earthlings (Krillin and Gohan) made their way home, Gast surprised Vegeta and Kiwi demanding them to work for him, operating Freeza's spaceship so that he could travel through the universe in search of a way to restore the Namekian race.

New Destiny

When Gast kills the remaining Frost Demons, Vegeta and Kiwi are released. Finding the last escape pod, Vegeta kills Kiwi in order to escape, while also witnessing Gast fighting King Cold.

Sometime later, Vegeta is seen in his Super Saiyan state just after finishing off the Ginyu Force. At first jubilant about the fact that he defeated the "Elite of the elite" but after marveling about his new found power, drops to his knees, screaming "It's not enough!" when the realization sets in that he's no match against Gast.

Unknown Fate

He presumably challenged Gast at some point and died.


Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki.


Super Saiyan

The legendary saiyan form that multiplies one's capabilities several-folds. Achieved when he challenged the Ginyu Force by himself.

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