Alternate names Vegito
Debut N/A
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Age 774
Height 6'2"
Weight 252 Ibs
  • Son Gokū (fusee)
  • Vegeta (fusee)
  • Grandpa Gohan (half-adoptive grandfather)
  • Baddack (half-father)
  • King Vegeta (half father)
  • Hanasia (half-mother)
  • Chi-Chi (half-wife)
  • Bulma (half-wife)
  • Raditz (half-brother)
  • Gohan (half-son)
  • Trunks (half-son)
  • Goten (half-son)
  • Bra (half-daughter)
  • Pan (half-granddaughter)
  • Videl (half-daughter-in-law)
  • Vegetto of Universe 18, or the main timeline Vegetto, shares the same history as his Universe 16 counterpart, except that he separates into his two fusees, Gokū and Vegeta inside Buu's body, as a result of dropping his barrier, whereas the Universe 16 Vegetto keeps his barrier and does not separate.


    Being the result of the fusion of Vegeta and Gokū, Vegetto is a mixture of the two 's characteristics. His height is derived from Gokū, while his hair is more inclined to that of Vegeta's; it stands upward constantly, but has two bangs in front, a trait inherited from Goku. As a Super Saiyan, his hair turns golden-yellow and gets even spikier, looking nearly identical to Gokū in appearance.

    Vegetto wears two earnings as a result of his Potara fusion. His regular outfit consist of an inverted version of Gokū's signature gi, with the colors of the gi and undershirt reversed. The inversion is caused by adopting the color of Vegeta's outfit for the external wear, while using the orange of Goku's gi for the undershirt. He also wears white boots and gloves in the same style as Vegeta.


    Vegetto has the exact same personality just like his canon self.

    Having the superior attitude and cockiness of Vegeta, yet retains the battle ingenuity and benevolence of Goku and made Vegetto far more efficient compared to his creators. This is displayed when he created a plan to toy with Buu to get absorbed so that he could free the absorbed victims of Buu.



    As Super Buu successfully managed to absorb Gohan, Goku was in a serious bind until he sensed Vegeta's presence at a nearby vicinity. After teleporting there, Goku manages to convince Vegeta to fuse with him, thus creating Vegetto when Majin Buu arrives at his location.

    Impressed with his body, Vegetto becomes a Super Saiyan to deal with Buu once and for all.

    Battle Against Buu

    After some time passed by, Vegetto stood before his enemy with a victorious smile on his face while thinking about a plan he was about to follow. After mocking Buu how much stronger he is than him, Buu became utterly mad and decided to use his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack on him. After recognizing it as one of Gotenks attacks, Buu gave the command to attack, but Vegetto Instant Transmission out of their range and uses his Banshee Blast to destroy them. After mocking Buu for using a child's attack, Buu shouts in rage and begins to throw a tantrum.

    After mocking Buu even further upon crossing his arms, Vegetto reveals he hasn't even warmed up yet. When Buu madly lunges at Vegetto and proclaims that Vegetto has cheated for being "merged", Vegetto uses that opportunity to insult Buu further since he has absorbed people to attain his level of strength concurrently. While blocking Buu's blows using his knees, soles, and feet, Vegetto sternly tells Buu he could simply defeat him with just his legs before viciously kicking Buu in his face, thus breaking his nose in the process. After telling Buu he is so weak and cannot win no matter what he does, Buu suddenly smiles and transforms Buu into a coffee-flavored candy via Candy Beam.

    Upon falling into Buu's hands with the mad Djinn yelling in ecstasy in his supposed victory, Buu prepares to devour Vegetto when suddenly his own fist slams into his face without warning. Dropping Vegetto from his clenched fist while massaging his sore face, Vegetto flies on his own while somehow speaking to Buu to further insult him. After proclaiming himself the strongest piece of candy in existence, Vegetto threw himself at Buu, which greatly damaged the djinn to the point his own antenna was ripped off from his head.

    Livid upon regenerating, Buu gave Vegetto his original form back, much to the latter's relief. After noting that Buu most likely had no more tricks left, he promised to end Buu in ten seconds and starts the countdown. While waiting for Buu to do that, Buu instinctively decided to absorb Vegetto, and successfully managed to absorb Vegetto using his decapitated head tentacle. But to Buu's ignorance, Vegetto activated his energy shield at the last second, thus managing to enter Buu's body without truly getting absorbed.


    After getting "absorbed" by Buu, Vegetto opens his eyes and was relieved to be inside of the monster's body. After smiling to himself and wiping sweat from his face, Vegetto continued to enjoy the success of his plan while being deafened by Buu's outside laughter.

    Deciding to now remove his shield, Vegetto relaxed his muscles to dispel it when suddenly he was defused back into Goku and Vegeta.

    Thus this marks the end of Vegetto in Universe 18.


    Despite being considered "dead" to the world, his two creators, Goku and Vegeta, continued to do many great things in his stead. With their combined wit and strength, they managed to finally destroy Majin Buu, and even reincarnated him into Uub in the process. The entire world has been largely in peace since then.


    Vegetto is just as strong just like in his canon counterpart. While as a Super Saiyan, Vegetto effortlessly beats up Super Buu (who has absorbed Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks) without receiving any damage.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki.

    Energy Shield: A strong force field that can repel even the most mythical of attacks. Used against Buu to prevent getting absorbed, but later dispels it which causes him to defuse. Also called Saiyan Shield.

    Instant Transmission: The ability to teleport anywhere long as ki can be sensed. Used to dodge Buu's kamikaze Ghosts.

    Banshee Blast: Upon focusing ki on his fingertips, Vegetto can throw five small, but potent energy blasts at his opponent. Used to destroy Buu's Kamikaze Ghosts. Also called the Split Finger Shot.

    Pinball Attack: While in his candy form, Vegetto uses this physical move to assault Buu left and right brutally. This move even forces Buu to transform Vegetto back into his original form.


    Super Saiyan

    The legendary saiyan form that multiplies one's capabilities many times over. Used during his match against Super Buu.

    Transformations (Former)

    Candy Form

    Vegetto previously attains this form when he was forcibly changed by Buu via Candy Beam. Even in this state, Vegetto manages to completely overpower Buu, which forced the majin to transform Vegetto back into his original state.

    He is coffee-flavored while in this state.


    • Vegetto does exactly what his 16th counterpart does in chapter 1 of the Universe 16 novel, until the decision regarding about the energy shield is made.
    • It is unknown whether or not he can go Super Saiyan 2 or 3, since he easily toys with Ultimate Buu at only the first Super Saiyan level. However he most likely can, considering that one of his fusees (Gokū) has both abilities to do so.