Western Supreme Kai
Nishi no Kaiôshin
Alternate names West Supreme Kai
West Kaioshin
Debut Page 31
Race Shin-jin
Date of birth About 100 Million Before Age
  • Grand Supreme Kai (Boss)
  • Eastern Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Northern Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Southern Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
  • The Western Supreme Kai of Universe 1 is the only current female Kaioshin. She is alive in this universe, as Majin Buu was never created and thus did not kill her as he did in many other universes. She is one of the organizers of the tournament and is a spectator for Universe 1.


    • As stated by Salagir, despite the coindence of her being Freeza's mother in DBAF by Toyble, she's not Freeza's mother in Dragon Ball Multiverse.