Debut Page 1164
Race Angel
  • Grand Priest (father)
  • Vados (older sister)
  • Cus (sister)
  • Marcarita (sister)
  • Martinu (sister)
  • Beerus (boss)
  • Whis comes from an unknown universe. He is the attendant and martial arts master of Beerus. Whis makes a minor appearance along with Beerus, as spectators of the tournament.


    Whis' history is completely unknown, other than at one point, millions of years ago, he became attendant to the God of Destruction Beerus. At some point, he was invited, along with Beerus, by the Vargas to spectate the tournament.

    Multiverse Tournament

    Third Round

    During the lunch break that started after Buu defeated Gotenks, Whis is shown eating ramen along with Beerus. When Whis asks why are they here, Beerus reveals he has won a contest to mingle in with the public. Turning his head to the left, Beerus asks a female spectator if she has ever heard of the "Super Saiyan God", which she says no to. After asking another female spectator who also says no, Beerus was asked by Whis if he should ask one of the Vargas to make an announcement. Slightly amused, Beerus reveals he couldn't help himself from finding, catching, and eating a Vargas some time during his stay. Beerus then orders Whis that it is time to return home.

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