Debut "Universe 13 - Dumb and dumber"
Race Heloïte
  • Feyn (comrade)
  • Nim (comrade)
  • Wigner is a Heloïte soldier from the planet Helior. When Raditz and Kakarotto invade Helior, Wigner, alongside Nim, were sent to defeat them.


    The Saiyan Invasion

    Wigner, along with Nim, were sent to defeat Raditz and Kakarotto. He was seen along with his comrades defeating Saibamen. He witnessed the death of his comrade at the hands of Kakarotto as an Oozaru, biting his head off. An enraged Nim began to attack Kakarotto, which gave Wigner the chance to use the Ultra Waver. Wigner and her comrades then figured out that Raditz and Kakarotto's weakness is their tails. Kakarotto then uses a mouth blast, which blows up Planet Helior's artificial sun, which makes the parts of the sun fall onto the planet, killing all the inhabitants, except the Saiyans, and Wigner. Wigner miraculously survives the explosion, and points the Ultra Waver at the Saiyans, but is killed by getting his head crushed by Vegeta's foot.