Wyatt Augustin III
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Debut Page 1104
Race Delphox
Date of birth November 23rd, 1997
Height 6'5
  • Wyatt Augustin (August) (grandfather)
  • Wyatt Augustin II (father)
  • Jasper Augustin (younger brother)
  • Annabelle Beltane (wife)
  • Wyatt "Ivan" Augustin IV (son)
  • Wyatt Augustin III is a fanmade character who made a cameo in the Dragon Ball Multiverse by winning a contest. Wyatt is a male Delphox who practices Dark Magic in his home world, how he got from his universe to watch the tournament is unknown, but he most likely came to study the much stronger fighters in the arena. In his appearance in DBM, he came to watch unarmed without his spellbook or wand, rendering his magic capabilities useless as he had no intentions fighting anyone. During Cell's fight, he was mind controlled by Babidi to attack Videl from Universe 18 along with three other mind controlled spectators. However, without any of his weapons and having to rely on his physical strength alone, he was no match for her. Later on, he is questioned by the authorities of the tournament and then is sent home.


    Despite practicing in the Dark Arts, he is a rather friendly guy. However, he craves for knowledge, sometimes even going out of his way and putting himself in danger for it. He studies a lot and tries to keep a gentlemanly appearance.


    • Wyatt has a shiny Ninetales wife named Annabelle Beltane, whom he had not brought with to the tournament.
    • He is the third Wyatt in his family, the first calling himself "August".
    • Besides tampering with Dark Magic, his main hobby is playing the piano.

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