Yakon from universe 12. He made his debut in the universe 14 fanfic "One Way". This version of the monster was under control of Babidi and came with him to Earth in order to gather enough energy to release Majin Buu as well. He and his counterparts of Universe 14 and 15 are exactly the same, as the divergence has occurred only after his death.

He was ordered to fight Gohan to gather his energy, Babidy transports both of them to his home planet, the "planet of the darkness" to aid him. He notices the beautiful light from the aura of a Super Saiyan and tries to eat it, but gets interrupted by the appearance of his sister Merkit. They start to argue, until Babidy shuts them down by scolding Yakon and possessing Merkit. Now the Glaviots start to battle Gohan, who manages to hold his own very well, and by treating the magician he manages to be brought back to Earth, leaving the two monsters on their planet.

Note: In the fanfic "One way" this fight is also described in detail, but has some differences: In the manga Yakon seems to get way with his life, but in the fic Gohan kills both, using their greediness for light in his favor.


  • It seems that in this universe Yakon was with a female of his race called Merkit, apparently she was his sister, they both fight Gohan and lost.
  • In Dragonball Multiverse his race has the name of "Glaviot", a name created by Salagir.