Alternate names Lord Yamcha
Zedaki (Harmony Gold dub)
La Ping
Iamco (Italian Dub)
Jamsza (Polish Dub)
Jamača (Serbian Dub)
Jamčis (Lithuanian Dub)
Debut Universe 13 Special: The End Of Humankind (Page 582)
Race Human
Date of birth Age 733
Date of death Age 761 (12 october)
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 219 lbs.
For information regarding Yamcha as he appears in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, go to Dragon Ball Wiki.


Little is detailed about Yamcha's life in Universe 13, although the Capsule Corp logo on his shirt would indicate some kind of prior affiliation with the company. His lifelong best-friend, Puar, is nowhere to be seen and is presumed dead. Along with Tien, Yamcha had pursued Kakarotto for years in an attempt to stop his rampage, only to keep finding destroyed cities in his wake. One day, after discovering another destroyed city, which Yamcha managed to determine had happened only recently, Yamcha and Tien sensed a powerful aura that resembled Kakarotto's. Trailing the aura, they met a stranger and demanded to know who he was, before being attacked by him. Being easily outclassed by Raditz, Yamcha would have been killed if Tien did not fire his Tri-Beam at Raditz. However, Raditz survived the attack and killed Tien, with Yamcha trying to escape. Hiding behind a rock, Yamcha wondered what he should do before barely managing to escape Raditz's energy barrage. Shortly afterwards, Yamcha was ambushed by Kakarotto, who proceeded to bite him in the arm and headbutt him into a nearby rock. As Kakarotto was charging towards him, Yamcha was obliterated by Raditz's energy blast. With Yamcha dead, the Human race had become extinct.


He is stronger than Universe 18 Yamcha was at this time, although he was still no match for Raditz nor Kakarotto.


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