Yamcha9 color
Alternate names Artificial Human #17

Lord Yamcha
Zedaki (Harmony Gold dub)
La Ping

Race Human (formerly)

Biotechnological-type Android

Date of birth Age 733
  • Bulma (wife)
  • Trunks (son/student)
  • Bra (daughter)
  • Videl (daughter-in-law)
  • Unnamed grandson
  • "You became much less powerful with time. Infinite energy, there is no such thing."
    — Yamcha stating that Android 18's power has decreased over time, in "What's left of a cyborg without humanity?"

    Yamcha (ヤムチャ Yamucha), or Android 17 (Jinzōningen Jū Nana-Gō) is one of the four known Z-Fighters from Universe 9.

    Similarities and Differences

    This Yamcha is much more powerful than the Yamcha in Universe 18. He is a master martial artist and was then changed into an Android, Android 17. It's unknown how he was turned into a cyborg, but due to him being called Android 17, it's possible that he could have been re-created by Dr. Gero somehow instead of the original Android 17 and 18. Unlike Krillin and Tien, he does not age and shares a deeper compassion and wisdom through the Androids and their technology.

    Just like the Androids from Universe 14, he has the potential to defeat a Super Saiyan, but as stated before has superior fighting skills. He's also been trained by Master Roshi, due to him wearing his signature student fighting Gi. Unlike the Androids, his artificial body has been fully updated. While Android 17 and 18 have had their body's energy used up from constant uses of ki energy, he knows the Androids would eventually shut down from this flaw, speculating it would be in the next 10 years. Because of this, he wants to help them before that happens.

    Round One

    "So, still not wanting my help?"
    — Yamcha, in Chapter 13: What's left of a cyborg without humanity?

    Yamcha's first round was against Android 18 of Universe 14. Yamcha asks Android 18 to forfeit, and seemingly flirted with her, but #18 shrugged it off and shot a blast at him. As the fight began, Yamcha stated that Android 18 was an "Arificial Human", making #18 slightly shocked. Yamcha believes she suffered the worst fate, and offers to help her, but #18 declines. Yamcha states that he can read the grief on #18's face, and states that #18 regrets all the sins she has committed, and he states that he is the Android 17 of his universe. As Android 18 throws several punches at Yamcha, he dodges them all, completely outclassing her. As Yamcha pins #18 to the ground, he forfeits the match. And offers her to come to his balcony later on. And #18 gives him a cold stare. With Yamcha forfeiting the match, Android 18 is declared the winner.


    • Yamcha trained under Gohan along with Krillin in universe 9. (see chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Multiverse novel)
    • When Yamcha gives up the fight against Android 18, Tien mentions that Yamcha seems to be incapable of moving past the First Round of a fighting tournament. This is a common joke amongst DBZ fans, as Yamcha never made it past the first round of any of the World Martial Arts Tournaments throughout Dragon Ball.
    • Both #17 and Yamcha are seemingly more angry at XXI (in the Japanese translation of the manga) in which Yamcha says "くそったれ (kusottare)", in which he uses foul language.
    • In one of Baddack's premonitions he sees Yamcha saying he could be not beaten by someone who defeated everyone else (presumably Vegetto) and asking if that makes him the strongest out of all universes.


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