Debut Page 507
Date of death Age 762
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Dodoria (cohort)
  • Zarbon from Universe 7.


    Invading Namek

    This version of Zarbon as in many other universes came along with his master Freeza and his armies to invade planet Namek in order to obtain the sacred Dragon Balls so his master could then wish for immortality, but one single event change the course of everything as Elder Guru decided to fuse with Nail in order to stop the invaders from killing his children in this universe. Zarbon witnessed Nail (fused with Guru) killing his fellow Dodoria without any effort, and hurting his master in his first form that surprised him as surprised the other minions. After Freeza transformed and beat Nail, Zarbon, his underlings and his master proceeded to other Namekian villages just to find it empty until Freeza threat to destroy the planet and the intervention of Gast Carcolh. He was apparently killed by an explosion resulted of an energy ball threw by Gast Carcolh which killed the other soldiers nearby the explosion too.


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