Date of death Age 762
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Dodoria (cohort)
  • Zarbon was a high-ranking soldier from Universe 8, a universe where Freeza defeated the Z-Fighters and remained emperor of the universe.


    Zarbon is a tall, humanoid alien with light blue skin and green hair which he keeps in a braid. Zarbon puts his appearance and beauty above all else. He is considered very handsome.


    As a high-ranking soldier of Freeza's empire, he is ruthless and sadistic, and has no qualms over beating Gohan and Krillin very roughly, forcing them to tell him where a Dragon Ball is.


    Zarbon, along with Dodoria, assists Freeza during his invasion of Planet Namek. While Dodoria pursues Gohan and Dende, he stays behind with Freeza. Sometime later, he invades a village where he forces an elder Namek to tell the location of their Dragon Ball. After the Namek refuses to tell the location, Zarbon kills all the villagers and is suddenly attacked by Gohan. Zarbon mockingly tells Gohan he holds his own quite well. Krillin then steps into the fight to assists Gohan and attacks Zarbon, catching him off guard with a ki blast. Gohan and Krillin managed to overwhelm Zarbon, until Zarbon teleports behind them and grabs them by their necks. He beging asking them where is Dodoria and the village's Dragon Ball, while also torturing them, telling them he'll beat them then bring them to Freeza. Krillin tricks Zarbon by pretending to tell Zarbon the location of the Dragon Ball, only to use Taiyoken on Zarbon.